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Équilibre is the place for leaders who want to develop
themselves, their team, and their business.


Our mission is to inspire and help people to shine in business and in life.

We believe that we all have a diamond inside, one that represents our strongest skills and talents.

These are the things you do best, with the most pleasure and the least effort.

We want to help you to let your inner diamond shine for yourself and others.

About Philippe Grall, your Coach

Philippe Grall helps successful executives become inspiring role models to everyone in their sphere of influence. His mission is not only to create better leaders, but happier people. In short: to shine in business and in life. He calls this integrated approach “Your Inner Diamond.” Based in Tokyo, Philippe and his équilibre team apply his unique methodology through one-on-one coaching, group training, dynamic speeches, proprietary mobile apps, and inspirational events throughout Asia and internationally. His clients include a diverse group of C-level executives from major global brands. 


Philippe is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, a select group of professionals hand-picked from over 18,000 applicants worldwide. He has a master’s degree specializing in marketing, communication, and retail management from ISTEC. Combined with his business acumen, Philippe applies over 35 years of personal development experience from the world’s top authorities in their field, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Tibetan Lojon Meditation. 

“I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place by sharing what I’ve learned with as many people as possible,” says Philippe. “That’s my basic coaching philosophy: Learn, practice, and share. I believe that everything we learn can be applied to unlimited positive growth.”
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Alain Bernard

Founder & CEO, Abbey Road Advisory (web site)
Former Richemont Group  Americas - President & CEO

“Our relationship with Philippe has just gone deeper and deeper as I realized how powerful he was to me and then to the organization. First, as a personal coach, he helped me get a clear purpose and alignment on what I wanted to achieve—at all levels—and why.

And then, as a coach for the Management and the Retail teams, to help us grow our vision, mission, and objectives—always balancing the “how”, the “’what”, and the “why” as a team. “Polishing our diamond” is a metaphor that speaks to a jeweler, and that is exactly what we have done together.”


Jerome Chouchan
Godiva Japan - President & CEO

"Philippe practices coaching as an art. Method and spontaneity merge wonderfully with the self and the organization to form new perspectives. Gradually, through coaching, the way one looks at business changes. Business becomes more meaningful and enjoyable. As a result, performance improves.”

Our Approach

We help you develop all aspects of your personal leadership so that you become an inspirational role model.

In our coaching practice at Équilibre, we start with individual CEOs before moving on to their leadership teams and finally the entire organization. Through this directed approach, start to effect real, lasting change.

💎 Équilibre's Diamond 💎

Our proprietary leadership model has helped top leaders around the world transform their own personal leadership. After years of perfecting this model in our private coaching practice, we now offer it publicly to support your leadership development.

Global Approach

As leadership coaches based in Tokyo, working with an international clientele, we have found our coaching approach to be universal.

Personal Development

We have 30 years of experience in personal development. We utilize coaching techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and hypnosis learned from the best teachers in the world.


We always integrate the latest technologies in our services from videos and online interactive services to e-learning platforms, apps, and digitalization.


Walking the Talk

We use all the techniques we teach our clients on ourselves, to achieve our own goals and aspirations. Everything we teach, we also practice.


We use art and creativity approach to help leaders and leadership teams to breakthrough and think out of the box.

Mastermind Excellence

As members of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches Group we learn and interact directly with the best minds in the world.

Richard Pinabel
Lancôme - Global Deputy General Manager

"Working with Philippe has been an inspiring journey of learning and transformation. His approach to coaching is unique. It is deep, genuine, and generous, allowing you to go higher…"

What We Do

We help you and your organization through:

Individual Leadership Coaching
(Face-to-Face & Zoom)

Leadership Team Workshops
(In-person & Online)

(In-person & Online)

Leadership Coaching Online Courses

Mobile Leadership Apps


Who We Work With

1. 90% of our clients are CEOs of global organizations
2. Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
3. Human Resources Executives
4. Consultants & Thought Leaders
5. Artists